The time has come for more and more of us to admit that the ways we have been responding to life have not worked.  If we were to keep on responding to life in the old and tired ways, we would be headed for oblivion.  We will rise above the current mess of this world, and the sooner we awaken, the less suffering there will be.


Not many are yet ready to awaken to their power of calm trust and happiness.  Most are too wound up in one or more of these:
* Chaos
* Depression
* Judgment
* Victimization
* Anger
* Numbing or Avoidance of the self

For most, it takes getting fed up with accepting on an ongoing basis artificial substitutes for love and power.  These substitutes we have accepted are generally temporary, basically anemic, and often destructive.


All true power as we may exercise it in our lives is based in Love.

During these amazing, fast-changing times in the evolution of humanity, we are in the process of learning lessons that will allow us to move more rapidly along the path to our destined harmony.

The time for more and more of us to learn these lessons is now, for choosing to remain blind to the destruction and suffering of our world—and choosing to remain ignorant of our power to move beyond this suffering—would lead to the implosion of humankind.

To be truly open to learning these lessons, it is important to realize that virtually all of our biggest institutions are dedicated to preventing us from learning them.  In fact, all of these institutions do the exact opposite of what they pretend to do.  Our spritual/self-help media icons are no exception.


While some of them may have helped some people move past thoroughly destructive ways of living, their basic lessons keep people stuck in self-contradicting, spiritually depleting confusion (explained here).  The same thing goes for all the big religions.

In this they mirror the function of the imaginary ego, the perverted little gremlin that thinks it is who we are…and we have thought we are it.

If you are willing to consider the validity of these two simple points, I encourage you to look into what is offered here to see if it is for you now.

(1) Over and over, we have refused to see that when faced with adversity—abuse, manipulation, deception or disrespect—fighting and resistance has not and will not produce lasting, productive results.  The answer, rather, is found in loving the perpetrators while otherwise removing all attention and support from them.  This takes more true courage than fightng because others will harshly judge you.

(2) We have been conditioned to think that our awakening must continue to be a long, tortuous struggle.  The central battle to be dropped is the one within the Self.  As long as we allow ego to wage war on the heart, we perpetuate our misery and expand the struggle.  It takes awareness and simple practice over time to move beyond ego. As long as we see that as a battle, it is.

If you debate these two points with your mind, you will soon find that you are rushing to distract or numb yourself.  Suggestion: repeat reading out loud the two points above, the hush up your head and notice how you feel. In this you will find your answer. Yes, you can hush up your head. Until you start trusting this, you will continue to frustrate yourself.


The next available online Simple Awakening Tools Program starts January 22, 2015.  It is direct, very different than anything popularly available, and does not take a lot of your time. It does take your attention to what is happening in your life and your willingness to approach it in a new way.  For a thumbnail look at the program, see this preview.

The stakes are high for humanity.  This is a new and real wave.  Few have the courage for it yet.  Do you?