What follows below are excerpts from a book published 3 years ago by an author who has written several best-selling books. I do not offer the name of this author here. This is not about finger pointing, but simply offered as an example of how destructively polluted New Age books can be…and generally are.
Virtually all the pop psychology/spiritual/self-help best-sellers are a mushed up mess that is self-contradicting, confusing, filler-loaded crap.  Sure, some pure, beautiful thoughts are emphasized, yet there is so much nonsensical, confusing and contradicting junk in virtually all these books that readers get bored or overwhelmed, often in the first several pages of reading.

Any of these books could be condensed to a few pages of juicy content.  But the publisher cannot charge you $19.95 for that.


All pictures on this page are parodies. 

As long as many are slurping it up as helpful stuff, I will be pointing out an alternative view to those who are receptive to hearing it.
When this author’s first best-seller came out in the mid-90s, I was entranced. And it was really good stuff. By the third book, it was nose-diving in quality and readability….and over time became more and more destructive, mind-boggling content.


Over the years, I have met and talked with dozens of people with whom this author crossed paths in a more than quick/casual way. To put it gently, none had any appreciative labels to put on this person.
This is, like the vast majority of the New Age books and programs, mind-mushing stuff. Proceed at your own risk.


Quotes shown below are scattered through the book.
My comments in blue.
You are ready to call into your Mind the Knowledge of your Soul regarding its True Agenda. There’s an impulse deep within that makes you want to do this now.
You cannot want to do anything now. You are doing it or not. You cannot be in the future and the past at the same time.

So your Mind brings forward what you need to know, and puts waaaay on the back
shelf what you have no urgent need for.
Consider, please, the possibility that the purpose of the imaginary egoic mind is to get you fed up with listening to it. What you have no need for, urgent or otherwise, is the kind of crap that it tells you that you do need.

It is precisely because the Mind’s capacity is finite and the Soul’s is infinite that, if
the Mind wishes to review the data of the Soul, it will need to do so in bits and
(He is referring to lifetimes.)
The imagined mind, until one is awakened, wants nothing to do with the wisdom and the beauty of the soul. Ego is petrified of the loving nature of the soul and your realization of that loving nature, because as you embrace and live this nature, the apparent ego dies.

What is expressed by the author above would seem to conflict with this less-than-divine depiction of the “Mind”:
The Body thinks it has an agenda that is important, and the Mind imagines that its agenda is vital to your survival. But the older you get the more you realize that it is the Soul’s agenda,and only the Soul’s agenda, that matters.
The body does not think about agendas. The egoic mind always has one and is generally disappointed, offended, angered or depressed by envisioned plans not paying off. And physical age has nothing to do with when one might subscribe to the “Soul’s agenda.” Heart and Soul are present and without agenda. There may be an inner intent, but the Soul leaves it to the Universe to set up experiences and manifestations.


Then there are those who know that they have a Soul, and who feel that the Soul has
an agenda (in this they are correct), but who are so mixed up about what that agenda is that they are living lives that create more heartache and difficulty, self-deprivation andlack of joy than they were ever meant to (or need to) experience.
Consider the possibility: You are meant to experience everything that you do experience. All experience is your teacher. It is asking you to embrace a loving way of responding and being, and to disengage from institutions, groups, pseudo friends and thoughts that suck your energy, that lower your vibration to pay attention to.

While perhaps useful, this is an imperfect analogy, because Life is not a school
(although many spiritual teachers have told you that it is), and there is nothing you need to learn.
This is often-repeated New Age bullshit. If you are not here to learn a more empowered way of living that helps uplift us all, then what are you here for? Is maintaining the status quo of how your life is working something you would like?

Allow yourself to notice that you are just as you need to be, just when you need to
be, in order to move forward the agenda of your Soul.
More doubletalk. If you are just as you need to be, then you are not in need. And no need to change anything about how you respond to life. Is that working for you?

A Soul Knowing: You already know all that you need to know, and you know that you
This is gibberish and self-contradicting. If you already knew what you need to know in order to reach the pinnacle of your spiritual evolution, you would’nt be bothering to read this guy’s book—or this blog post—because it all would have been integrated before.

Saying thanks for something before you get it is a declaration of absolute clarity that
you are going to receive it.
And such clarity is most often a set-up for disappointment. “Thank you for the BMW I am going to get next week and show off to my friends where I work at McDonalds.”


Your Will and God’s Will are One. This is another way of saying that God wants
for you what you want for you. It is also true that what you want for you, at the deepest part of your being, is what God wants for Divinity Itself.
There is no god or God who wants. Presence is an essential element of divinity.

And as you contemplate what you can do about those in your life, and what you want to do about those, you will know one thing.   What you don’t want to do is waste them. Not anymore. No, not anymore.
And this same author who 20 years ago so clearly expressed, what you want is what you are pushing away, and what you don’t want is what you bring that to you. Think about it.  Life wants you to receive what you want to receive, and what you want to receive is announced by exactly what you declare yourself to be receiving now.

(Supposedly to assist you in getting into meditation.)
Watch yourself take deeper breaths. Just listening to yourself makes
you want to go deeper into the experience—and so you begin to breath more deeply.
When you effectively empty the head to go into meditation, you will not be thinking of wanting anything. “Listen to what is going on in your head while you silence your thoughts!” A mind mush-maker pair of sentences.

There’s an impulse deep within that makes you want to do this now.
This is an oxymoronic sentence. It is not possible to want as one is truly in the now.

Because you are an integral part of it, it is only natural that what you want at the
heart of your being is what it wants at the core of its existence.
Your core wants nothing.  It is present all the time and you only realize that when you identify with it.

That is the Sense of Your Self that you have always known is You. It is Who You
Are and How You Are when you are at your very, very best—and you want more of
And are you constantly in wants? This is a way of weakening yourself and feeding the egoic mind.

You don’t merely want “more of the same,” you want a greater degree of what you experienced before.
More mush.

The truth is that all emotions are chosen—even first ones. The Mind decides to feel
a certain way. Emotions are an Act of Will.
Forgive the crudity: that is total crap.  Emotions are spontaneous and they are expressed and gifted or vented only as we allow them. As they are suppressed, we drain our power. As they are allowed we are either giving joy to the world or we are letting go of something the heart is ready to release.  The caveat in all that is that one choose to be with emotions in a way that does no harm to the self or another living creature.

The Truth that your Mind forms in this way creates your Thought about what is now occurring. This can be either an Imagined Truth, the Apparent Truth, or the Actual Truth, depending on the quality of the Data The Mind has accessed.
The truly deep truths are not accessed by the mind but allowed by the heart when the mind is silent. To say Mind rather than mind confuses by elevating the Mind as something important. The rational mind is important: stop for that red light, move the legs in rhythm when walking if you would rather not fall down. The imagined egoic mind is schizophrenic, feeds on cognitive dissonance, and is always looking for something to judge or to go into conflict with.


The closer you are to birth, the closer you are to the truth of your Being.
Friends, consider the possibility that lines like that belong in the gutter, not in the mind.  It’s a nice set-up for something you can do nothing about, your year of birth. So what about a being who becomes enlightened in middle or older ages: were they closer to Truth when younger?  That line is a great example of what produces cognitive dissonance.

Meditate on these things, and you will not only know the truth, you will experience it. And in that, you will have achieved the purpose of your whole life.
To which he might add: “Hey, do it today and get it over with, boys and girls!”  

The empowered line is not “Experience it here now.”  It is “Be here now.”

The purpose is not to experience the truth but to live it, to be an example of it, to be it.

It is because you are deeply appreciated, richly rewarded, and gloriously worthy that your life is presenting you with this current Invitation. You have reached Completion before and you have done it again, and now you are being elevated to the next level, as you advance ever onward.
Paraphrased: “Ya got there twice before and must’ve fallen down. Third time is a charm. Go for it!”

So the challenges in your life are not meant to be struggles, they are meant to be questions. And the highest challenge asks the biggest question: What is the truth of who you are? What is the proof?
Are we to demand proof in order to live our truth? Dream on! Life is a mystery.

We are meant to struggle for exactly how long we struggle, exactly when.  We accelerate our awakening when we choose to stop the struggle.

Right now you’re going to be invited yet one more time to exercise patience, because you can’t decide what really matters to you until you know and understand who this “you” that’s being talked about here is—a point that will be made over and over on these pages.
The point has been made over and over by the most evolved of human beings: You cannot know and understand with the mind the depth of your fullness and the depth of your emptiness. This is a mystery. Spiritually, what empowers is to trust your heart’s truth and the only way you can do that is by letting go of the propaganda and preaching of the apparently outside world.

Take what resonates with the heart and dump the rest out of your head.

What must happen if you wish to live a life that serves its actual purpose is that yournMind must bring into its database that of which the Soul is already aware, so that you can produce the experience of it.
This assumes that there is some kind of want on the part of the “Mind” to access the wisdom of the Soul. The egoic mind is petrified of the wisdom of the Soul because accepting and living that wisdom means the evaporization of the imaginary ego.

This is the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not a kingdom where everything has been decided for you, it is a kingdom where you get to decide about everything. Now that is truly “heaven.” It is not a kingdom where you pay homage to someone else. It is a kingdom where you treat yourself as royalty.  Can you stand to live in such a kingdom? Can you bear to treat yourself not as The Lowest of the Low, but as The Most High?
Nothing is expressed in that of treating others as royalty. It’s all “Me, me, me.” The “Most High?” So what is said here is that you are somehow superior. Not just kind of high, but Most High. This rather strongly suggests that you are better than at least some others. One cannot awaken as long as one thinks in such a way.

Word and phrase usage in this book
Total words in the book, about 63,000
Copies of this author’s books sold: over 7 million.  One of the books was on the NYT Best Seller list for 2 1/2 years.

Times words and phrases used:
Now 300
The Mind (capitalized!) 144
You need 16
Need 42
Need to 22
You want 19
You have to 13
You must 8



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