The Universe—or God or Allah, if you prefer—constantly sends us a stream of teachers in the form of people and experience.   Among the greatest of those teachers has been Martin Luther King.

We constantly get the opportunity to understand at a deeper level whether the teachers are offering something of value that we might use to improve our lives. The way the game is played, maybe, is with one constant reality that we have collectively refused to see:  That society and imaginary ego send us a vast array of false teachers.  As long as we are paying attention to these teachers, we cannot awaken ourselves.  At the same time, some of the greatest teachers from Socrates to King, are demonized by those who control our worldly resources so that we dismiss their messages.

And with so many now in the middle of—or in borderline—chaos, depression, anger and overwhelm, we tell ourselves that we do not have the time to think about or practice potentially cathartic ways of living.

And the way the mind works, we have failed to get the messages of people like King because those like him are labeled by our institutions and misguided people as unrealistic, unpatriotic, divisive or spoken by one who is of the “wrong color,” or “wrong religion.”

The egoic mind and the greedy institution always have pat answer that keeps us from realizing our power, another strategy that keeps us putting up with crap.

Sooner or later, in some lifetime, we get fed up with the cyclical treadmill of wandering back and forth between playing the roles of victim and judge.

Maybe some of the most spiritually-empowering words ever spoken are in these by King over 50 years ago:


As long as we have these muddy views of what love and power really are, we cannot be in our power, cannot realize who we are and why we are here in this life.

As long as we see love as primarily something potentially hurtful, as long as we see power as being about the willingness and ability to manipulate or deceive others, we remain asleep.

Sooner or later, in some lifetime, we seriously play with the idea that we can trust ourselves and that we can have true confidence.  Maybe confidence is not knowing that you will get what you want, but that you will flow with anything that comes your way, remaining in your power.

While some few are able and willing to see that almost all of our institutions mirror ego in being schizophrenic and divisive—all doing the exact opposite of what they pretend—very few of those see that this also applies to the popular spiritual/self-help guides of our day.  See this link, please:

As long as we are slurping up false guidance that we think is helping us, we remain stuck.

Martin Luther King’s willingness to speak the truth about the realities of worldly inequality and injustice was—and remains—a great gift to us.  What is in front of more and more of us now, is to be fed up enough with the ways we have been responding to our life experiences, fed up enough with the results we have been getting, to seriously play with new ways of living our lives that have the potential to awaken us as we practice them.

For all the wondrous power found in the words of King, maybe he missed one of the most crucial factors to be understood in the process of our awakening: That fighting and resistance are not the empowered tools to assist us in smoothing and accelerating our path to an awakened, harmonious, calm and trusting world: our destiny.

Consider the possibility, please: that rather than our awakening being about fighting and resistance, it is much more about our willingness to let go of what is not working: disengaging from that which sucks our energy to think, to talk about, to commune with or pledge our allegiance.  This applies to both our destructive institutions and, more importantly, to the imaginary ego that only seems to exist as we feed it with destructive thought.

Could it be true, in so many situations and relationships, that it takes much more courage to exercise loving disengagement than it does to resist and fight?  Why would that be?  Because one short-term result from your disengaging is that you will be judged harshly by many: you may be rejected by those whom you have relied upon for a social life, financial support or emotional solace.


The protocol I have been developing over the last 18 years is designed to assist receptive others in moving beyond the pervasive divisiveness of ego and society.  This means practicing trust of inner guidance and intuition above that of anything that appears to be outside of you.

As that thought may intrigue, you are invited to take a taste here.


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all love, Carlo Ami

founder, Simple Awakening Tools