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The ideas found here and on the Simple Awakening Tools website are offered for people who are fed up with the standard ways society and our institutions offer for improving our lives and truly awakening ourselves.  Could it be that the deceptive institutions we have allowed to guide us are but reflections of imaginary ego?

The week after Christmas has been the time when many think at least briefly about making resolutions for the new year to come.  Newspapers and the Internet are loaded with recycled tips about how to do it effectively.  It’s mostly the same old hyped crap, over and over.  Could it be that the lesson of the results of most of our resolutions is simply to get fed up with making resolutions that we doubt we can keep?

Our way of making resolutions tends to be a set-up for disappointment, for blame of self or others, and for dropping resolutions like hot potatoes well in advance of February.  For those fed up enough with making resolutions that they break, fed up with with maintaining the status quo path of their lives, what is offered here may be of value.

Many don’t even bother making resolutions at all.  They are, in effect, just singing this song:

Most keep on muddling through life hoping something will change for the better. And that the change will last more than a day or two.

Sure, hope is a significant step up from hopelessness, but sticking with hope is staying stuck in the mud.

At some point, in some lifetime, we come to understand that hope sucks.

Many have looked at it as a virtue. It is simply an anemic—and often destructive—substitute for trust. “Hope” was the one-word campaign slogan for both Hitler and the first Obama presidential campaign. (Look it up.) Inherent in the word “hope” are two factors that drain it of value:

* Doubt
* The need for fate, karma or divine intervention: for something outside of yourself to fix you

Many think that with self-discipline, they might be able to keep their resolutions.  The problem is that they confuse self-discipline with forcing themselves to do what they think they want.  This is ego food, maintaining the imaginary inner schizophrenia that is only healed when deeply perceive the value in operating from the heart rather than the divisive, needy head.  One cannot awaken as one is fighting with theirself.

Maybe we keep on coming back into new lifetimes until we wake up.  Could it be that the vast majority of the lifetimes it takes to awaken is simply a process of getting fed up with practicing the old and tired ways of responding to life?


Could it be that living our lives more effectively, more powerfully, is generally a process of learning to trust intuition and inner guidance? This cannot happen until we ease away from looking primarily outside ourselves for direction and strength. We have misguidedly thought that religious leaders, authors, gurus and others seen as wise can fix us. And many of us have hoped that a god or a fleet of aliens will descend from the heavens to save us from our self-destructive ways.

That’s not how it works. The apparently external evils, false religions, the New Age schizophrenic teachings, oppressors, abusers, addictive substances and those who simply disrespect us are realized at some point to be effective teachers for us. We can be grateful for them.

Why? Because we see that often their basic lesson for us is to get fed up enough with them to experiment in a playfully serious way with practicing trust in our own inner guidance system that is based in the heart and in intuition.

Could it be that the popular spiritual/self-help teachers of the day are generally either simply unaware or are deceptive?  Might the same be said of our popular religions?  The question for yourself might be:
“What can I do about it?”

moth with white

Maybe now is the time to practice trusting yourself and discover how that works for you.


The Simple Awakening Tools Program might be a significant part of the answer for you.  It’s not the same old stuff.  It contains no dogma or prescription for avoiding hell.  And you won’t find any hype here for it.

You can play with it for a full week risk-free.  It does not take a lot of your time.  There is very little reading involved.  You play with new perspectives one at a time and choose to be aware of how they work for you.

Key program ingredients: silence, humor, awareness and briefly expressed ideas to play with.

After developing it over the last 18 years, and after nearly 2 years of delays in getting it launched, the program is being introduced now.  And through January 1, you can get it for $107, a $100 discount.  It will never again be offered at a discount of any kind.  You can go through the first week of the program without risk.


To get a clear sense as to whether this program might be a fit for you, take an unhurried look here.

All Love,

Carlo Ami


If you are depressed or feeling hopeless, consider this:


Please forgive the crudity.  Nobody is an a**hole.  And some wear the mask well.

Might this make sense to you?



How fed up are you with the same old hype?


This program is a loose structure to assist receptive people in evaporating imaginary ego.


Much of it is about practicing identification with the heart.


It is about recognizing true love and power, not practicing weak substitutes for them.