The imaginary egoic mind—not at all who you truly are (Nothing/Everything)—resists all of the earlier ideas in this series because to truly awaken is the death of the illusion of ego.

How is ego vaporized?  “It never is.  Because it does not exist.  It only appears to exist because we have fed it, so there is no vaporization, no disappearing, in fact, because it never existed in the first place.

And the illusion appears to be a sadistic and masochistic little gremlin that does not want to die.

Imaginary ego only seems to exist as we feed it with destructive thought, deed and affiliation.

The apparent vaporization of the illusion of ego will coincide with the vaporization of all our duplicitious institutions which are merely reflections of it.

Letting go of the egoic mind is not releasing who you are; it is releasing what you are not, what is illusory.

Yes, you can do it.  And in this lifetime.  But only if you trust your true self, only if you allow your heart to be your guide and your mind to be your willing slave.

It takes practice and awareness.  Because it appears that this little nut case does not want to die and will put up a fight to appear to stay alive.

How does it feel when you say this out loud or in a whisper, then close your eyes and notice how you feel:

The embrace of my loving nature—my awakening—coincides with with the completeness of my disengagement: the removal of all attention and support—other than love—from that which I have allowed to suck my energy.  The most crucial of these disengagements is from the identification with the imaginary egoic mind that we have ignorantly called who we are.


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