There are few now that are ready to hear and feel what will be expressed here.  It takes true courage.

With much of the “civilized” humanity in borderline chaos, depression or anger, few are yet fed up with all that to the point where they are willing to seriously play with new ways of responding to experiences of living.  Are you?


To put it gently, actually:

The vast majority of all the spiritual/religious/self-help resources available popularly offer at best a very polluted “solutions” to what has been collectively weakening us. For some clarity about that, see this.


In the apparent weakening, we at some point catalyze true empowerment:  We get fed up with the standard “solutions” that have not worked.  Fed up enough to experiment with different ways of responding to life.

Empowerment is catalyzed in the process of our getting fed up with the false prescriptions of ego and perverted institutions which, in our collective identification with them, have effectively prevented us from realizing the depth of our loving power and connected nature

We have looked to a god to save us.  No such external god exists.  There is no giant deity in the sky who has a penis for some reason, no schizophrenic, all-powerful entity that is both fully loving and also willing to condemn you to eternal torture.


We have looked for answers we can trust, and we have not found them.  We have looked to science to explain the deepest mysteries, ones never designed to be explained adequately by science.  And if science could explain them, they would never do so to the satisfaction of the egoically-identified mind.

We have allowed ourselves to be weakened by forces that are either comparatively impotent, completely imaginary, or both.

The true power of Love is vast, beyond the comprehension of the mind.  It is such that—and it has been convincingly proven—when as few as 9.000 people truly awaken on this planet , the world will find harmony, peace and the abundant appreciation for the Earth, the Sky, the Water.

Many pretend to be awakened. Few are.

Collective harmony: this is our destiny and it is time for us to claim it.


If we, collectively, would choose to stay the present course of what may be for you anger, impotence, fear, prejudiced division, depression or chaos, our world would soon perish.

Humanity has pursued false substitutes for Love and Power in our lives: the bigger bank account or home or whatever body part, the smaller mass of flesh, more control over others, more time to relax.


The so-called civilized world appears to be descending into  barbarianism.    We are focused on getting more of what we want and less of what we don’t.

On behalf of identified ego, we have sold out.  The sellouts go way beyond the politicians, the motion picture business, and those who provide polluted air, water, food and minds.

It is the conditioned identification with the imaginary, fearful, wanting ego that has kept us from realizing our vast, connected, loving power.


In alliance with the other worldly powerful institutions, our attention and  allegiance to big religion and the New Age have sapped us of the ability to express our spiritual power, the only power that really matters, because when we have evolved into awakened humanity, all the other apparent forms of evolution will mirror our enlightened way of being.

If you are just about fed up with maintaining status quo, and if you are willing to entertain the idea that you have the power to rise above it, you may find true value in what is offered here.



While anyone can take the non-coached version of the program, program availability with coaching is limited.  Through February, all coached clients will be coached by the program founder, Carlo Ami.

To get a clear picture as to whether this work might be for you, see the free primer here.