homer simpson

Every day, our institutions show us their naked deception.

We have pretended to not see it. The time for that to stop is now.

Our institutions are mirroring for us the actions of the imaginary perpetrator of the inner battle that rages within all of the unawakened.

We are learning more directly now the value of choosing to realize the futility of fighting or resisting anything.

Fighting is conditioned futility.

A simple solution: Removal of attention and support from the power-suckers, that which is manipulative, deceptive, abusive or disrespectful.

The power move is disengagement of attention and support from imaginary ego.


Suggestion: Read it a second time, slowly, then close your eyes, hush up your head, and notice how you feel for a minute.  Yes, you can hush up your head for a minute.  Maybe it’s worth practicing.

Postscript. The inspiration for the first two lines above, well worth your attention unless you are in ostrich mode or are simply without compassion. Our willingness to put up with such heartless leadership is a reflection of our willingness to be guided by destructive, imaginary ego:  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article39150.htm

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