Saw Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show on Thursday.  I like her.  She seems genuine to me.

She was talking about how terrible it is that the government makes a $10 billion profit every year on student loans.

Sure, it’s amazingly unjust.

And it is just the tip of the iceberg that has been sinking the collective ship.

Those who govern the government—the Big Rich—have this all orchestrated so cleverly: They allow maybe 10 or 20% of our elected “representatives” to pitch progressive ideas.  One has to be at least a little on the oblivious side not to realize that the number of truly ethical  politicians who get elected is controlled by the folks with the big bucks.

So many have the impression that some of our representatives are fighting on their behalf.

And some few maybe are.  And not enough to make any kind of difference when the vote is taken.

Does this make sense to your heart?

We see this woman and a few others who seem to be in a position of influence or power and we hope that they can make a difference.

Hope is one of the most screwed-up words we have ever used.  Hitler used it as a campaign slogan.  President Obama did he same thing in his first campaign for presidency.  One might at some time come to the understanding that the U.S. president has only the power to do what the richest among us tell him to do.

The implication of the word “hope” is that something outside of you is going to save you.  Maybe that a god or some aliens will save us from the mess we have created on this planet.

Sure, hope may be a step up from hopelessness, but it is just a step.  It is just an anemic substitute—ego’s substitute—for trust.


Trusting that the so-called “Warren Wing” of the Democratic Party is going to make any substantial changes in a system that is rigged is simply delusional.

And futile.  Like betting big money with Peyton Manning that you get more throws out of ten then he does pitching a football through a tire at 30 yards.

Like playing a grandmaster at chess when you just learned about the game last week.

Expecting Elizabeth Warren and those aligned with her in Congress to make any significant change in the thoroughly corrupt system we call government is like expecting that a can of Raid will handle the ants that have infested a 5 acre warehouse.

Maybe the more kind way of expressing it, since Elizabeth and some few of her fellow Senators may, indeed, have some integrity: Given the extent of the problem, her potential impact on the system is like that of a drop of antiseptic on gaping body wounds.

It’s like hoping that a 1-day protocol of chemotherapy is going to help a stage 3 cancer patient.

Like an ounce of bleach expected to clean up a mold-infested meeting hall.

Pressure is building for the people of the US of A to wake up and withdraw all attention and support, other than love, from the greedy rich the authority to bleed us.

Where does this start?

In each of us.

As we withdraw our attention, support and identification with the illusory ego, we build our power.  And as our power grows, we realize that we can apply the same wisdom to our institutions that we have to the imaginary gremlin, ego.

Violent revolution is not necessary.

Waiting for a god or aliens to save us is vain.

And waiting for the truck of oligarchy to run us over or put us behind bars is just plain stupid.

As we blindly have been watching our world become polluted, controlled and kept at war by the rich and greedy few, time is running short.  While there is still air to breathe, still clean water to drink, stlll at least the pretense of some form of freedom, it is time to build our trust in our power to  move beyond the current oblivious insanity.

It’s wake up time.


Carlo Ami Website: simpleawakeningtools.com/introduction


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