During September and the early part of October, 2016, I will be facilitating group discussions in Southern California on very uncommonly expressed perspectives on living life more powerfully.  The point is spiritual empowerment, not the kind that has to do with how much money you have in the bank, how many sexual partners or how much stuff you have so that you can impress other people or feel artificially better about yourself.

I’m calling it “Ways of Discovering the True Power Within YourSelf.”  We will discuss how you feel about these very non-mainstream ideas.  All participants will receive an inspirational mini-poster/card and a concise Transformanifesto one-page doc that covers the main points discussed.  If you would like to host one of these groups, just use the form below to set up a phone time to discuss it with me.

The schedule for these groups will be updated at the bottom of this posting as venues are added.  Our intent: to provide value.  Some will find these discussions to be significant catalyst events in their lives, if they are ready!

These groups, lasting about 90 minutes, will be about building true power rather than worldly power.  With true power, might it be that concerns about worldly power are handled or drop away?


What we will be discussing are ideas that our institutions and ego would generally prefer that you avoid.  Why?  Because both would rather keep you in the dark while they pretend to support you.

Our destiny on this planet is harmony.  It begins with inner harmony.  

As long as we are fighting within ourselves, we cannot experience harmony in the apparently external world.

So many of our institutions, like ego, pretend to support us while they do the opposite.  There are true solutions available to us that have nothing to do with fighting or resisting.  Ego and institution have based their control of us upon our being divided within ourselves and from each other.


As that may make sense to you, call the group host for directions to be emailed to you.  All groups will be facilitated by me, Carlo Ami.  Each group will have a 5 minute introductory presentation to be followed by discussion about each of the main ideas presented.  There will be no sales pitch, though questions about the new awakening protocol will be answered after the discussion is complete.   We are not intending to convince anyone of anything, but are simply open to receptive hearts.

There is no cost to participate, though if you would like to make a donation after the discussion, that would be appreciated.  Just bring an open mind!  There will be no issue pushing or debating there!

There will be no preaching, nothing presented as dogma or ultimate truth, and no hype offered.  This is about you discovering your truth and power, not practicing somebody else’s version of that.  If you are committed to any of the big religions (Buddhism is not seen here as a religion because it features no damning god) these discussions are probably not a fit for you.

If you would like more information about the awakening work we do, please see the Vision Page.

Thank you.

Carlo Ami



To reserve a seat, please call rather than email, please.  Directions will be sent.  

These groups are mostly in private homes, so seating is usually limited.


Would you like to host a group at your home, place of business or gathering spot?   Use the form below to set up a time to talk about it.

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