Saw this beautiful angel figure at a guesthouse where I stayed in Ecuador.

She is rolling the dice.


 Ego and society tell us that awakening and becoming enlightened must continue to be tortuous and complicated…way too much to attain in this lifetime.

As long as we think this must be so, it is.

“Apocalypse” means “lifting of the veils.”  Maybe for most of us, the last veil to be lifted—the last illusion that we see through as foolish to see as true—is that it all must be a massive struggle.

Again, consider:


As long as we are fighting for anything, as long as we are resisting anything, we create deep mud on our own path.

As long as we are waiting for or pursuing something outside of us to save us, we will not awaken.



Society tells us that if we do not fight back, if we do not resist injustice, if we do not trade insult for insult, if we do not control others, that we are sissies and will be controlled by them.

Could it be that sometimes the most powerful response is to simply disengage from the thought, the situation or the abusive/disrespecting person in front of us?





When will now be the right time for you to…


You can trust the angel of inner guidance and intuition be your guide.

The process of awakening is not something to be “figured out” with the chattering mind. It is simply allowed by trusting the inner guidance and intuition of the heart.

If you try, instead, to answer the big questions with your head, you will fill yourself with inner debate and confusion.  Or you will go into overwhelm or soon find something to distract or numb yourself. Rather, try saying out loud the following sentence and then close your eyes, quiet your mind and notice how you feel.  

It serves my acceleration along the path to trust the silent guidance of the heart.


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