Charles Bukowski was to expressing the challenges of life directly what George Carlin was to brutally direct—sometimes dark—comedy.

I discovered his work many years ago when at the peak of my anger and frustration. Reading his clear expression of his feelings was, for me,  a vent of sorts, provoking me to feel a little less alone.

Included below are some personal interjections from me.

Which of these might be striking for you?



This is one I have used in several of the blog posts on this site.  

It says a lot.


                          I got this idea in my early teens, before I read him,                                  was surrounded by such people.



Maybe for a lot of us, we have to go at least a little crazy in order to claim sanity.  And when we are, from our perspective, quite sane, we get to be completely OK that lots of people think we are crazy.


I take the second line here as an intent in my work, my art.  

There is beauty in simple brevity.  Often, more words = confusion.





and consider that as long as we are looking at it as a war,

there is no final victory.


and maybe the greatest slavery is that which is practiced by the egoic mind that we have allowed to control us.

This is kinda the story of most of my second 30 years in this body.


And this one defines a large part of my past, much of it spent in natural surroundings:





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