At some point along the path, we come to the realization that the ways we have been responding to life have not worked and that it is time for experimenting with new approaches to living more powerfully.
The time is now for more and more of us to awaken ourselves: to claim our power to be fully loving beings.

The more who do this and the sooner we do it, the less suffering humanity will experience.  In an abundant world, there is no reason that 40,000 people should starve to death every day.  The nature of the inner Universe is harmony.  All we have to do is allow it.

This simply means removing your attention and support from  that which sucks your energy.

It is time to see that we are capable of dropping war, dropping barriers, dropping borders: dropping all conflict and all sense of division.

Dropping ego is basically why we are here.  For it is in releasing identification with ego that we open to the heart and create outer harmony by claiming inner harmony.

Awakening is not truly about learning something new or uncovering the secrets of the apparently external world.  It is about having the courage and trust to explore and unify that which is within us.

Life is a series of tests, a classroom of sorts. Through experimenting with different ways of responding to life experience, we find out what works.

If your life is going great and you are generally happy, then you have no incentive to change.  And if your life is not going so well, then you are more likely to play with different ways of responding.

Society tells us that there are only three basic options we have in dealing with the troubles in the apparent outer world: the wars, other conflict, the suffering, the injustice and division.

1. Some say that we would be wise to wait for a god to come down from the clouds to save us…or to complete our destruction.

2. Others say that it is fruitless to resist the dominating forces that have been abusing us.  They say we will be better off if we just allow the process of our enslavement to be completed.

3. And another group says that we must revolt against the corrupt institutional element even though we have little chance of winning.

None of those options makes sense to the heart.

Consider playing with this simple idea for a day or two and notice how it works for you:

While you love those who manipulate, abuse, deceive or disrespect you, you choose to remove all other attention and support from them.

And sure, this does not apply to your children or the mentally disabled/ill, among others.

What we are in the process of learning is that fighting and resistance do not work.  They may, at times, appear to give temporary satisfaction, but they do not have any lasting benefit ever.

Rather than engage in heated debate or expressing words or actions that amplify the conflict you may be experience, the courageous move in responding to those who manipulate, abuse, deceive or disrespect you is to disengage from the conflict: move somewhere else, away from the one who wants to fight.

Society says this is the sissy move, the gutless response. Not true!  Often is the most loving and courageous response because it will often result in others judging you harshly.

Disengagement: no need to have the last word, no need make yourself right in the eyes of others, no need to win any point.

If you are wiling to play with these ideas in the way you respond to your life in the next day or two, you might be surprised at how much better your life starts working.

One of the most powerful ways we can do this is a way that society and its institutions will tell you is frivolous.  And I ask you to play with this way for just a day or two in your own life and notice how it works:


Some will call it recklessly optomistic for one such as I to envision a world in harmony during this lifetime.

Many will call it arrogant for me to offer help in the awakening of others. I consider myself neither superior or inferior to anyone. And I see no one as inferior or superior to anyone else. It is the mind that says otherwise, and the ego keeps on saying no to harmony as long as one is paying attention to it.

And that is the only way this imaginary little entity seems to stay alive. It does not even appear to exist except as it is fed with ignorant thought.