Like much of what is on this website, the ideas in the concise Transformanifesto offers very non-mainstream perspectives about what it takes to spiritually awaken oneself and appreciate a truly empowered life.  It is not for everybody, just those who are receptive to it.  It is an offering, not a preach.


Given the challenged state of humanity now, it is time for more of us to play with new possibilities such as this: the destiny of humanity is realization of our capacity for loving response to life, ongoing reflection of our divine nature, and calm practice of our harmonized Oneness.  This is to come about via our disengagement from the destructive, conditioned responses prescribed by ego and misguided society.  We understand that we are served to seriously play with the following ideas, sharing them with those who are receptive to making use of them to empower their lives.

(1) We are all divine and equal.  The color of our skin, our ways of relating sexually, apparent cultural and mental health differences and the extent of our financial resources do not affect this divine quality.

(2) Apparent ego does not appear to want to die. It only appears to exist as we feed “it.”  We are connected with each other in a way the unawakened mind refuses to understand, though the heart knows.

 (3) Hence, to judge, to abuse, to deceive, to wish harm or to intend to manipulate another is self-destructive.   Such actions suffocate the expression of apparent individual and collective consciousness.  We are in the process of fully releasing these forms of masochism. We keep coming back into new lifetimes until we drop such ways of living and are truly awake, fully integrated beacons.

(4) We are in these lifetimes to learn the wisdom and value of treating others as equals, so the intent of profit maximization is seen to be unconscious and destructive intention.  The conscious intent is mutually satisfactory exchange with gratitude.

(5) Sometimes, love is most effectively expressed—and consciousness most effectively expanded—by disengaging with love from that which would suck one’s energy to continue thinking, expressing, witnessing or communing with.  As the Era of Harmony is soon to dawn, we are realizing that everything that happens to us is our teacher.  The basic teaching of all experience is to love all just as it is. This sometimes means moving away from a situation and sometimes staying with it.  The heart knows the empowered response as we trust it and quiet the fearful mind.  Empowered disengagement requires high courage because others will tend to judge or reject us when we disengage from them or disagree.

(6) The heart can only express as we quiet the mind and disengage from apparent external input that is abusive, deceptive, manipulative or disrespecting.  We practice trust of Self above that of any apparently external source.  The more we practice coming from the heart, the easier it gets to do gracefully.

(7) The bounty of our earth is great.  Together, human beings are stewards of this wealth, not owners of it.  Nobody truly owns anything in the so-called real world.  We are coming to the understanding that it is our nature to generously and responsibly share our intellectual, financial resources, time and attention with each other, creating a loving balance in this with attending to nurturance of ourselves spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

(8) In the past, we feared a future of not having enough.  We understand and accept our power to choose to make our lives about giving to each other.  This evaporates real and apparent lack. As guided by the heart, we give our time and resources to those receptive to receiving them.

(9) We recognize that adherence to any of the big religions* is a spiritual drain upon the self and upon humanity.  The basic purpose of all the big religions is to divide us from each other, instill guilt or a false sense of superiority…and monger fear of being rejected by family, friends, neighbors or a god.  This is the exact opposite of what any worthy religion would do.

(10) We recognize that this deceptive and incongruent status is common to all of our biggest institutions that do the opposite of what they pretend to do.  The healthcare system and drug manufacturers make us sicker and kill us.  “Food” processors sell us poisons.  Our educational system keeps us ignorant and stupefies us, hiding the truth of history and poorly preparing us for life.  Our entertainment icons instill destructive values, expanding judgement, feelings of victimization, vanity and personal insufficiency.  News media lies to us and provokes political, social and internal conflict (cognitive dissonance)…

(11) Rather than harbor anger or resentment about these things, we appreciate the basic lesson of our corrupt institutions.  Their role is to get us fed up with supporting them.  Getting fed up opens us to new and empowering ways of responding to life.  Disengagement is again the key, with the core release being the dropping of identification with imaginary ego. We intend to fully awaken ourselves in this lifetime.

(12) We are committed to play with practicing the following ideas, focusing on no more than one of these on any given day, reminding ourselves of it.  Please make use of the ideas below as guided by the heart.

a. We are infinite spiritual beings, each taking a ride in a finite body and navigated by either heart or mind.  As long as we see the mind as in control of our lives, we remain asleep.

b.    We have a responsibility to our Self to feel good as much of the time as possible in a way that does not substantially deplete us for short-term satisfaction or pleasure and does not harm the body, the productive aspects of rational mind or any facet of Gaia.

c.    We are served to be thankful for all experience as an opportunity to respond to it with love.  Each loving response to life elevates collective consciousness as it expands apparent individual consciousness.

d.    It is recognized that practicing conflict of any kind is destructive to apparent personal consciousness and that of the collective.  Generally, the only conscious resistance is that of defending oneself from physical attack when disengagement is not possible.

e.    We are served to forgive ourselves and others who have harmed, deceived or manipulated us. It is not a matter of liking particular “others,” but loving all.  Some are most effectively loved at a distance.

f.     Compassion and trust of the world begins with compassion and trust of the heart-identified Self.  This is most effectively practiced as we are aware of feelings—the language of the heart—and allow ourselves to be guided by them. We intend to feel our feelings in a way in which nobody is harmed.

g.    We recognize that it serves us to accept the role of watcher in our lives, observing the behavior of the body and mind in a detached, trusting, presently accepting way.

h.    We choose to more and more find time for 3 empowering pastimes that few yet practice very much: (1) Silent time with ourselves (some call this meditation), (2) Quality time with people with whom there is mutual, respectful interaction and (3) Time appreciating water, breath, the natural beauty of our earth and our creative artistic/musical/tonal inspirations.

i.      We consider forming or joining groups that meet regularly to talk about ideas that matter and to discuss ways in which we can help each other and be of service to humanity/Gaia.  There is great synergized power in allying with those of common constructive, loving intent.

j.     We embrace and prioritize the intent to be of service to humanity and to accelerate and smooth our apparently individual spiritual awakening.

Please forward this link to others who may find value in these ideas.  We understand that some may benefit by experiencing these ideas in a more structured way. For those so wired and receptive, see the ideas here:

 *Buddhism is not a religion, primarily because there is no damning God, and no set of deity-imposed rules or commandments.

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