Month: March 2016

Free Discussion Groups in Southern California: Seriously Playing with New Life Management Options

During September and the early part of October, 2016, I will be facilitating group discussions in Southern California on very uncommonly expressed perspectives on living life more powerfully.  The point is spiritual empowerment, not the kind that has to do with how much money you have in the bank, how many sexual partners or how much stuff you have so that you can impress other people or feel artificially better about yourself. I’m calling it “Ways of Discovering the True Power Within YourSelf.”  We will discuss how you feel about these very non-mainstream ideas.  All participants will receive an inspirational mini-poster/card and a concise Transformanifesto one-page doc that covers the main points discussed.  If you would like to host one of these groups, just use the form below to set up a phone time to discuss it with me. The schedule for these groups will be updated at the bottom of this posting as venues are added.  Our intent: to provide value.  Some will find these discussions to be significant catalyst events in their lives, if they are ready! These groups, lasting about 90 minutes, will be about building true power rather than worldly power.  With true power, might it be that concerns about worldly power are handled or drop away? What we will be discussing are ideas that our institutions and ego would generally prefer that you avoid....

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Sports WTF of the Week 1

Series Introduction The world of sports sends us all kinds of messages that we can use to live our lives more effectively.  Some of these lessons have to do with courage, rare skill and deeds or words of inspiration.  And other lessons have to do with seeing something unconscious, weird or destructive and then maybe choosing to respond consciously. We have tended to hold sports figures in a sort of high reverence, even when they say and do stupid things. Some of the basically insane or misguided things that sports figures and fans say or do are WTF moments.  We bring these up here for you to play with, not as an opportunity to denigrate anybody.  So the personal names of the people involved will generally not be included in this series if they are still living. The Sports WTF series posts will be generally brief and will often include questions you can ask yourself about what fits for you in your life.                                           art by Thomas Jordan This Week’s Sports WTF This first Sports WTF comes from the world of college basketball, which will complete its annual “March Madness” championship tournament this week. One of the most talented players in college basketball—who happens to be coached by one...

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