Month: May 2015

Most Spiritually Insane Thing Ever Said About Sports and Competition

Vince Lombardi, the revered football coach of the Green Bay Packers decades ago, has been pushing up daisies for a long time. No disrespect is intended here.  Sometimes, our most effective teachers educate us to quickly—or eventually—learn that their lesson is not a fit for us anymore. For many, he had a lot of directly wonderful lessons. We’ll look at some of those here, too. *** This is what he said: Living with that as a truth may be a great leap for some, yet it is a mud bog for others who might otherwise be ready for more spiritually advanced ways of living. There are many paths to awakened living. Part of the path for some is to pursue excellence in sports, getting skilled at playing chess, or being a part of a debate team. Valuable lessons can be learned in these processes. And playing the game from a strictly worldly perspective is a recipe for frustration and eventual surrender to more spiritually sane ways of living one’s life. Winning in the world has to do with beating somebody else.  There is someone else to outfight or out think or deceive.  Winning in the Big Picture is about finding your power in a way in which there are no losers. As long as any fighting is involved, the spiritual game cannot be won.   Awakening is a product...

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An Einstein Power Quotation, Tweaked for Now

For a man who gave us so much wisdom with ideas and words, Albert Einstein threw us quite a curveball with this one expression: To me, that is about as convoluted an idea as what is presented in our schizophrenic religious scriptures and New Age babble.   Quite a departure from Einstein’s usual lucidity. Offered here is a different way of saying what he may have been attempting to express, presented in a way that may be more of a fit for our time. What we are is not defined by what we do or think. Consider, please, the possibility that it would not serve us to give up who we are.   Our essence is beautiful, powerful, calm, trusting and loving.  We have not realized that. Relatively weak forces have kept us from realizing it: ego and corrupt institutions. We have trusted in and identified with them, refusing to trust our true Selves. Yes, Selves.  Consider the possibility, please, that we are all connected and divine in a way that ego and perverted institutions hide from us. What we are basically here to do in this life—or whatever subsequent lifetime—is realize our loving, connected nature by letting go of the acting, thinking and identification that has kept us from this realization. What we are at depth does not evolve.  Changes in what we do, how we think and what we...

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