Month: December 2014

A Movie You Can See Online That May Be an Awakening Catalyst for You

Hardly anybody in the US saw this movie, though it got wide play in Canada. They call it a romantic comedy. It might be a whole lot more than that for you. One of the things I ask you to think about on this website is doing some things differently than you have gotten used to doing them. Online, you have the opportunity to do something that you cannot do when you go to the theater to watch a movie: use your pause button. When you get to an interesting point in the movie, maybe a line that strikes you, you can pause the movie and let the idea sink in or maybe play with it a little: “What can I learn here or remember that would serve me to learn or remember? This movie is loaded with such opportunities.  And it sidesteps the egoic inclination to avoid empowering lessons or experience by actually being quite funny.  Maybe the greatest gift of humor is that it brings us into the present moment, and as long as we are laughing and being amused, ego cannot function.  So maybe just let yourself enjoy this movie and allow the laughter. Three more quick ideas as a primer: As you watch, notice what characters are either similar to you in their behavior or similar to someone you know well? Second idea: Maybe let go...

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Lessons on Life and Renewal from Another Abandoned Puppy

 Deja Vu Experience in Ecuador With Another Abandoned Puppy Just 3 months ago, a friend showed up at my door with a puppy he had found abandoned at the local bus station.  It was in rough shape and almost died, but pulled through and was quite a teacher for me before I found a loving home for her over 2 months later. I was on my way up the horse trail route yesterday to visit that same friend, when, contrasted with the mud and horse puckey, right in front of me as I turned a corner on the trail was a very small white puppy looking dazed and confused. It had not gotten there by accident; puppies are abandoned in this town regularly.  Usually they are the girl puppies that are thrown out like trash because their owners do not want to deal with another litter when she is old enough to have one and they simply cannot afford to have her fixed.  Many Ecudorians see their dogs as security devices to protect their homes and belongings, and dogs often spend most of their lives tied up.  Street dogs regularly show up at the outdoor seating of local restaurants for scraps and they tear through trash bags left on the streets in search of food. There was never a question about whether I would just keep walking.  I picked him...

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An Amazing Movie/Awakening Tool: The Imposter

On the face of it, the scenario of this true story is at least borderline preposterous. Maybe few would have bought it as fiction, but it happened and was all over the news years ago. A young man who had never felt loved decided to find love by pretending to be someone who had disappeared as a boy 4 years earlier. He had a foreign accent, had a mature stubble, didn’t look much like the missing person, and was about 7 years older than the boy who had gone missing. And his family, after years of grief, so wanting to believe it was truly him, bought it. It’s been nearly 3 years since this movie was introduced to a limited market. Few saw it.  You can see it here. (Quick note to save hassle: you do not need to buy or install any software for this movie as long as you have Adobe Flash.  After clicking on the red x,  just click on the small play button on the lower left of your screen rather than the big one in the center of the screen.  If you at any time get moved to a new screen, just click out of it.  No new software is needed.  In some countries, you may need to use vpn service such as Hola.) It can be a great awakening tool when perceived with some understandings—or at...

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The Book of Life Movie: A Dead Ringer for What’s the Matter With Us

Maybe the mindset of the producers of this movie was that if the visuals were spectacular enough, people would not notice how convoluted and self-contradicting the dialogue is.  Did they maybe speculate that  wonderful animation that is often an explosion of color and flash would camouflage weird, self-contradicting dialogue? And that is pretty much how it panned out.  Only the Village Voice reviewer was willing to spell it out, and I like the way Simon Abrams put it:  He says that the movies’ “hackneyed stock plot preaches tolerance while lamely reinforcing the status quo.”   This movie got rave reviews from most critics.  Maybe the moral of the movie for those who are willing to pay attention is that it pays to pay attention.  Otherwise, mixed, confusing messages are laced into most popular movies.  We can be so enamored with the visual splash that we don’t notice the schizophrenic dialogue.   Some questions to keep in mind as you watch: Is Maria a character you would like your children to emulate? What does she really have going for her other than knowing Kung Fu? What is the main message of the movie, and does it ever get muddy? What does the movie do with racial stereotyping of Hispanic people and Native American Indians? Being aware of what you are experiencing when you are being entertained is a great way...

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Beautifully Polluted Movie 1: Mr. Nobody

Note: This movie is available for free online viewing.  You do not need to register a credit card and you do not need to add software.  Avoid the big play button in the middle of the screen.  Use the one lower left.  If you still get a request to download software before playing, consider using a vpn service such as Hola to sidestep the software download requests. You can start the streaming, then wait for it to load for awhile if you have a slow internet connection.  Here is the link: This is one strange and beautifully polluted movie.   While there is much of positive value in it, a lot of crap is thrown into the mix, and that just tends to confuse people.  For me, the strangeness starts with the line that is shown in many of the promotions for the movie, stated in the first person. “As long as I don’t choose, everything is possible.” For almost all of us, maybe, this is potentially a confusing statement at best. Until one is awakened, we are constantly faced with making choices either from the heart or the head. The statement, on the surface, suggests that maybe we should not choose, and that that is the best option if we want to have all possibilities available to us. What does your heart tell you about this when...

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