Month: October 2014

Lessons of an Abandoned Puppy on Life, Love and Ladies

Background I just laughed when my friend, Pedro, came to my door with a quite tiny litle female puppy. “I think this is for you,” he said. For the previous couple of weeks, I had been asking the Universe to deliver some feminine companionship: “Send her to me,” I said out loud a couple of times per day. This little puppy was the answer of the Universe, and a beautiful answer she is. Pedro had found her at the local bus station, a popular place in this small Ecuadorian town for people to drop dogs they no longer wanted. There are a lot of stray dogs here, but it is not nearly the problem it is in other parts of South America where they are much more common and it is a regular situation to see dogs hit by cars and left by passersby to just wail there. In this part of the world, dogs are commonly discarded if their tail is damaged or they limp after being hit in the streets, “damaged goods.” I didn’t have to think about whether to take her. She was beautiful and she did not look well. She weighed in at one kilo even, just over 2 pounds, and was away from her mama a couple of weeks or more early. The vet said she was 5 or 6 weeks old. For awhile,...

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Two Shrouded Primary Life Lessons Some Are Now Ready to Integrate

The time has come for more and more of us to admit that the ways we have been responding to life have not worked.  If we were to keep on responding to life in the old and tired ways, we would be headed for oblivion.  We will rise above the current mess of this world, and the sooner we awaken, the less suffering there will be.   Not many are yet ready to awaken to their power of calm trust and happiness.  Most are too wound up in one or more of these: * Chaos * Depression * Judgment * Victimization * Anger * Numbing or Avoidance of the self For most, it takes getting fed up with accepting on an ongoing basis artificial substitutes for love and power.  These substitutes we have accepted are generally temporary, basically anemic, and often destructive. All true power as we may exercise it in our lives is based in Love. During these amazing, fast-changing times in the evolution of humanity, we are in the process of learning lessons that will allow us to move more rapidly along the path to our destined harmony. The time for more and more of us to learn these lessons is now, for choosing to remain blind to the destruction and suffering of our world—and choosing to remain ignorant of our power to move beyond this suffering—would...

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