Month: July 2014

Hundred Word Now Insight One

Every day, our institutions show us their naked deception. We have pretended to not see it. The time for that to stop is now. Our institutions are mirroring for us the actions of the imaginary perpetrator of the inner battle that rages within all of the unawakened. We are learning more directly now the value of choosing to realize the futility of fighting or resisting anything. Fighting is conditioned futility. A simple solution: Removal of attention and support from the power-suckers, that which is manipulative, deceptive, abusive or disrespectful. The power move is disengagement of attention and support from imaginary ego. *************** Suggestion: Read it a second time, slowly, then close your eyes, hush up your head, and notice how you feel for a minute.  Yes, you can hush up your head for a minute.  Maybe it’s worth practicing. Postscript. The inspiration for the first two lines above, well worth your attention unless you are in ostrich mode or are simply without compassion. Our willingness to put up with such heartless leadership is a reflection of our willingness to be guided by destructive, imaginary ego: If you see some potential value in playing with ideas like the ones here, you are invited to explore the resources at The next available online group starts on January 8, 2015...

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An Open Letter to Stefan Molyneaux

Carlo Ami, Founder Dear Stefan, Thank you for the work you have been doing to help awaken humanity.  I appreciate that you are the only person I know of with traction who is presenting the wake up calls entertainingly, reasonably, intelligently and compassionately.  And without using a bullhorn or looking like you are going to explode in anger. I like that many of your videos are very short, to match the collective attention span. And how you push your audience to face what is. You have built a substantial and growing audience, and there is much more that you can do. Those who are highly aware have seen the duplicitous, blood-sucking nature of our institutions for decades. Some more have become willing to face this more recently.   Of those who are still playing deaf, dumb and blind to the duplicity, few more are likely to be won over to the choice of awareness.  Those who are bringing to light more damning evidence of this duplicity now are largely wasting their time unless they bring in an orientation to the presentation of some clear and concise solutions. Without people perceiving viable solutions to the problems now way out of apparent control, many who view your works will simply experience an elevation of fear within themselves. Among the relatively few who have the courage to see the problems we collectively face,...

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Hundred-Word Heart Vision Five

The theater of life is segue back and forth between pain and pleasure. In the destined times of collective loving harmony we will have moved beyond the egoic inclination to react to physically or emotionally challengng experience with thoughts or feelings that create any suffering victimhood. While the judgment of your neighbor or the mood swings of your lover may have faded, there still will be biting mosquitoes, rainy days and friends who die or otherwise leave us. We will be with our feelings, with no need for debate or inner editorial. Presently accepting and reflecting love. Being with whatever is. ****************** Could it be generally so?  That the bridge beyond challenging emotions is to be with them in a way that is not destructive? . See the blog menu here for the other Hundred-Word Heart Visions You don’t need long books or seminars to be impacted by words.  Generally, the more words that are used to express an empowering thought or inspirational idea, the less power the idea has.  The heart likes it short and sweet.  Consider playing with an idea that has been inspirational to you, and see how it feels to reduce it to 100 words.  You might just find that the process of reducing it clarifies and empowers it for you. . As you may enjoy what you see here, you are invited to see the...

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Hundred-Word Heart Vision 4

At some point, in some lifetime, one realizes that our destiny is harmony. This ongoing harmony will be the result of the choice to first see it as possible, and then to realize our power to create and practice it. Collectively, our easily practiced intent will be to respond to all of our experience and thought with love. A great bridge to such a time is the realization now that often the most loving response to worldly or imaginary forces that abuse, deceive or manipulate us is to love them, and to remove all other attention and support from them. **************** It is suggested that you read it again slowly, then close your eyes, hush up your head and notice how you feel for at least a minute.  How might your feelings be guiding you when you do this? For an expanded look at Heart Vision 4, see the blog post here for July 18.   Previous Heart Visions: Heart Vision One Heart Vision Two Heart Vision Three If you are intending to create a more powerful life, maybe it is time to try some very different ways of responding to your experience.  That is what the Simple Awakening Tools Program is about.  See if it might be for you. This is the topic of the first of the 19 idea sets in the program:    ...

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