Month: June 2014

The 6 Most Destructive Lies That Have Kept the World From Awakening

“The truth shall set you free.”   This short article is an exploration of some of what I see as lies that, as we have believed them, have held humanity back from experiencing a more smooth and peaceful transition into the harmonious, calm and connected culture it is our destiny to become.   At some point, in some lifetime, we become willing to face life as it is and to then respond to it in more productive ways than those we have tried that have not worked.  Without getting into great detail and explanation in this brief piece, let’s look at some of the lies we have accepted and some of the unproductive responses we have collectively had to these lies. Most people are not ready to entertain the ideas that follow. My intent is to reach some of you who are. Lie Number One: That we can become enlightened by reading books or going to seminars.  For more on that one, see this. Lie Number Two: That we must push our beliefs on others who disagree, or that we must judge, condemn or control others in order to feel powerful. The alternative, the power move, is often disengagement. Lie Number Three: That because of the color of our skin, our religious beliefs or our education, we are superior to others, even “exceptional,” or that we are justified in feeling...

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Self-Transformational Activism: Is It For You?

This article is about empowering one’s activism.  You will know in 2 minutes whether it is for you. . In this world upon which so much of humanity seems asleep or feels powerless to create any change…. If you see yourself as an activist—if you take an active role in doing what you can to help change the world for the better—I applaud your intent and your service. And there is something else that you might ponder along with that. It is a simple suggestion, not a preach or a lecture.  I have no need to convince you of anything, no investment in whether you think I am just a little bit off my rocker, or a taco short of a combo, so to speak. What I ask you to think briefly about here is the impact your activism has on both yourself and your world. Consider please: Might we see that there are basically two kinds of activism? If we spend more time and attention on the more commonly defined version—promoting change in the apparently outer world—than we do on unfolding our own selves, are we inhibiting our true potential to create inner and outer change? I am not at all suggesting, if you find satisfaction and community in your current activism, that you stop it. What I am asking you to consider is balance. Could it be true that the...

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Managing Your Changes: Are These Strategies Strange Enough for You?

What follows here is intended as a loving mindf**k for those who are receptive to it.  In these strange and beautiful times, some fear losing their minds.  Paradoxically, maybe that is what we all came here to do. Maybe awakening is at least as much about emptying the mind of what does not work as it is about filling it up with anything new. Quick personal note: I spent a lot of time in my past in fear, anger, overwhelm and aloneness, feeling like an alien in this world in which so many have seemed in chaos, conflict and depression.  Though there were some times when I toyed with stopping the pain and ending my life, I sensed that doing so would lead to my next life picking up where I left this one, so I generally kept with me the knowing that for all of us our destiny—in the current lifetime or one to come—is harmony. Awakening in this lifetime is my commitment and part of my mission as I understand it is to share what I learn in this process with those who may resonate. . Friends, I have spent a large portion of the last 15 years working on non-mainstream ways to help awaken my potential and help inspire others. What I have found works for me is way different than the big religions or the...

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