Month: May 2014

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Introducing Are you fed up enough with what’s going on?

Consider the possibility that, in general, we have about as much crap in our lives as we are willing to put up with or that we think we deserve or are stuck with. That we have in our lives people who abuse, manipulate, deceive or disrespect us to the extent that we allow them to capture our attention and support. You might also choose to consider that the standard reactions to such people, groups, institutions—and even the imaginary egoic mind—do not work. Society has falsely taught us that we must fight for what we want and resist what we do not want. Could it be that there is nothing to fight?  Most  are not yet ready do even play with such an idea.   They are not yet fed up enough with the results they have been getting to their way of living. For many others, the time for this idea is now. If you are just about fed up with what is going on in your life and in our world, then consider that possibility that getting fed up can be a great gift.   When we get fed up, we become open to seriously playing with new solutions. Now, after 15 years in development, this program is being introduced for those who are ready for it. It is all about waking up to our power in ways that are...

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