Month: February 2014

The New Age Movement: Empowering or Destructive?

I do not ask you to just accept as your truth anything that is expressed in this article.  My suggestion for your consideration is to go inside yourself and discover the extent of any resonance with it. Like the Christian bible and the other major scriptures of the big religions, the works of current spiritual/self-help media icons contains much that is of value.  Making use of it can be a significant step along the spiritual path for many who are leading lives that have been quite unconscious. If you have been beating your spouse or children, feeling terrible about yourself or living a life bent on vengeance or self-destruction, then reading or listening to any of these teachers can be a fine step for you. And sticking with the standard religious or New Age teachings becomes, at some point, a spiritual self-suffocation, a stifling of the heart. This article is not a judging of Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey or Wayne Dyer.  These three people, as I see it, are representative of the works of the vast majority of popular teachers of what some call wisdom. Some have advised me to avoid naming names in the quest to share potent ideas, telling me that people would judge me as judging. And I see this as a time for naked directness and for understanding the difference between judgment and discernment. Judgment is about...

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Inspiration to Start Trusting Your Power More: The Advent of Ego’s Little Big Horn

 Awakening Catalyst Two   The Advent of…. Napoleon’s Waterloo and Custer’s Little Big Horn are simply mirrors for the destiny of the imaginary egoic mind. Collectively, we are being pushed to the Little Big Horn of Imaginary Ego.  Like egotistical Custer, we are being pushed to wake up! And we can choose to realize that we do not have to meet a fate similar to that of Custer or Napoleon.  There is no final defeat. Here is a picture of the real Custer.   Here is the actor, Richard Mulligan, who played Custer in the 1970 movie, Little Big Man. Now, maybe look at another picture, a reflection of yourself. A simple little exercise you might try: Go to the nearest convenient mirror.  Get your face within a foot of it.  Look into your eyes for 30 seconds or more.  What do you see?  Do you see any ego? Smile as you continue gazing into the reflection of your eyes.  Do you see anything in you that must be fought? As we awaken, we realize and exercise our power to move beyond that which is deceptive, abusive, manipulative and disrespectful. This is not about fixing anything that appears to be outside of us. It is about releasing ourselves from the self-imposed bondage to the imaginary egoic mind. As we do this, as we realize and exercise this power, the...

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New Age Myth Number 2–Awakening Must Continue to Be Either a Struggle or a Cakewalk

                        What follows here is not conventional wisdom, but an unveiling of the duplicity of much of what has been considered conventional wisdom.  If you try to figure my work out in your head, you will just get frustrated or pissed off, then find a way to distract yourself.  Choose to know your power to be in silence with an idea when you see the purple heart icon: just hush up your head, close your eyes and notice how you feel.  Allow the guidance of your heart.     The gotten-old New Age is divided about what enlightenment is and the extent to which it must continue to be a struggle, no matter how far along the path one has travelled. Implied in the words of many New Age teachers is that awakening to our loving harmonious nature will happen on some distant horizon after we endure a whole lot more suffering.  They teach us that it is foolish to think that any of us could become enlightened at any time soon: there’s just too much struggle that has to happen first.  As long as we think that this is true, we cannot awaken ourselves.   It takes courage to face this: Does this make sense to you?:  Given the thoroughly corrupt nature of the institutions that control the...

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Sharing Some Beauty On Valentines Day–from Natural Ecuador

Happy Valentines Day. I am living in a wonderland here in Ecuador. My gift: sharing some of the natural beauty I have found here. Consider allowing the beauty you experience in your life to touch your heart, and maybe take it in and let it reside there.  When I discovered that, for me, that wasn’t really silly at all, I decided to do it a lot. Love, Carlo     Notice in the next two here how two-thirds of the wings are completely clear.           With Love, Carlo   The new Simple Awakening Tools Program will blow your mind.  Check it out here.     ############################################### The Simple Awakening Tools Program—Next Online Group Starts March 10 Wednesday, 19 February 2014 23:53   In these strange times in which we live, when most people are dealing with some combination of of overwhelm, depression, anger or oblivion, I humbly offer this simple new course to assist those ready to awaken to their power to live lives of more calm, trust, love and inner harmony. This program asks one to do what few are yet willing to do: Face life as it is, face oneself as they are and explore/learn to trust their inner guidance. As you may resonate with this as maybe part of the challenge set you are facing, I invite you to continue reading here. ...

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Top Ten Reasons to Evade the New Simple Awakening Tools Program

  Simple Awakening Tools is a new empowerment program that is unlike anything you may have experienced before. No books to read. No long-winded seminars. No dogma or rules. No guru telling you what to do.  It is a set of maps for disovering your own truth and your true, trusting, calm power. People can come up with some incredible reasons to avoid taking the program. Might any of these top ten be your biggest excuse?   10. If my friends found out about it, they would treat me like a leper. 9. Why would I want to awaken? It’s more comfy sleeping through life. 8. I’d rather complain about how crappy my life is. 7. I’d rather devote my attention to fixing other people. 6. It takes too much time. I am just too busy with my overwhelmed life. 5. It’s too complicated. 4. It’s too simple, so it can’t be any good. 3. I think I should wait for something better to come along. 2. I can’t afford it. 1. If my minister found out about it, he’d throw all that hellfire and damnation stuff at me. And the other side of the coin: People willing to make what their friends think about them more important than what they think of themselves stay stuck in patterns that do not work. If you intend to awaken, get used...

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