Month: January 2014

The Big Secret in Living the Supreme Paradox

Introductory Note: This is heart exercise. If you try to figure out what is expressed here with your head, you will likely find that you are soon experiencing one or more of these reactions: • Frustration • Finding something to distract or numb yourself • Anger • Confusion Those are all mechanisms for the defense of ego. Please let your heart be your guide in your choice of response to what follows here. Choose when to pause at any time as you slowly read this, whether there is a cue to do so here or not.  Perceive what may be juice for you, and be with it before moving on. Within 3 minutes here you will have a clearer sense as to whether what I am offering is a fit for you. Life is loaded with paradoxes. As we move along the path of life, we find clarity about them and the wisdom that comes in awareness of the beauty of these paradoxes. And life also tends to be a myriad of adventure, challenge, apparent contradictions, joy, pain, confusion and frustration. I have had my share of all of those in this lifetime. Over the last 15 years, I have been inspired to do a whole lot of inner work, nature connection, spiritual exploration and alone time. I have had a strong sense that the process of fully awakening to...

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Are You Beyond Vulnerability to This Kind of Spiritual Marketing?

Friends, over the last 16 years I have experimented with a variety of ways of sharing my very non-mainstream approach to spirituality. Maybe you can have some fun with this one. Can you laugh with what follows here? When I showed a friend this article, he referred to it as sarcastic.  I am no fan of sarcasm.  I see what follows here as an invitation to introspection: You can ask yourself: “What am I buying with the intent to unfold and reflect my true and loving power?  And is it working?” A quick set of picture stories follows.  The questions that might be on your mind as you see each story box are these: (1) How often have I allowed BS like this to influence me to part with my hard-earned money and my attention to what is real? (2) Might I let go of repeating tactics that have not worked for me? ******** Maybe the most destructive delusion of many  new age folks is that the trick to getting what you want is wanting it                  …wanting it real badly!   Part of the basic hype is often the idea that there is some artifact or scripture that, as soon as we find it,  will solve all our problems for us.  And that somebody else has already found it, and is willing to sell it to us. You drive...

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On Thanksgiving: A Radical and Simple Solution Set for Humanity

Offered humbly, and with all the power that is in me: I am fully aware that most of the people who read this are not ready for it.  And it is my knowing that there are many who are.  We are evolving faster now. The power of full loving consciousness is so strong that those who awaken will soon carry with them the many who have been willing but not seen themselves as able.  We are close to the tipping point of collective awakening.  What follows here is a explanation of how we will do it. Please consider slowly reading through this, pausing when you see this icon   and hushing up your head while you notice how you feel.  If you try to figure this out with your head, your head will just find a way to distract or numb you.  Ego will say, “I don’t understand this,” “It’s too complicated,” or “This is silly stuff.”   What is presented here is very simple and direct.  Decide for your true self—from the heart—whether these ideas can be food for you. Consider the possibility that one of the most famous Christian bible stories has been seriously misinterpreted.  When Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek,” he was not suggesting presenting your other cheek to be slapped.  He was instructing that the wise response to abuse is not to resist or fight,...

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Simple Realizations You Can Choose to Expand Your True Power

There are nineteen steps along the path of the Simple Awakening Tools program.  Each step has been designed to create a framework in which you can choose to move along your path more powerfully and gracefully, with more trust and calm. This is about discovering “your” wisdom and power, not “mine.”—-Carlo   Why the quotation marks?  Consider the possibility that there really is no you or me.  Just as there is no “them.”  We’re Us, connected. ********** The purpose of this article is to provide a simple format to encourage you to discover your own truth, not necessarily that which is expressed herein. Please pause, close your eyes, hush up your head for a while, and notice how you feel when you see this icon after reading a line: Powerful realizations come through the willingness to be aware. Awareness of the meanings we attribute to important words is extremely important in the process of awakening. It seems that we all want more love in our lives, and more power.  And yet, collectively we have accepted very polluted definitions of what these words mean. For many, the prospect of intimate love means setting oneself up for pain, for having their trust betrayed.  For these people, the potential of love is seen as likely suffering: opening to love is an opening to untrusting vulnerability. And many see power as the ability...

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A Musical Awakening Flash from the Past

  A Musical Flash From the Past: 1570 AD, to be precise   This is a musical exercise in connection and release.  The great power and gift of music is that as we choose it wisely, it can assist us in bringing up challenging emotions for release as it helps us connect to more loving and calm ways of responding to our lives.  You can do this whole exercise in 20 minutes.   It is particularly recommended if you have been feeling alone, overwhelmed, depressed or frustrated.  I had been dealing with all of these emotions myself when I found the music that inspired this article. Please take a few minutes with this introductory message before going to the video link. How this Article Happened It can be strange and magical how inspiration and insight come to us in this life. I was finished with much of Andrew Harvey’s wonderful Rumi Celebration Book, The Way of Passion when I took note of a passage—He tells of a strange mystical experience he had in which Aurobindo comes to him, after which he is propelled into a cloud, listening to the most ethereal music: “ In that cloud I heard the most  extraordinary and beautiful music I had ever heard.  The only time I’ve ever heard music like it is in Tallis’s Spem in Alium—this is, for me, the greatest piece...

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